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How to Write Your Own Post

In, our users can write their own post by simply click “Write Blog” button in the sidebar. As a general member, you can only write text post. You can not upload images using our media library. As a general member, you can still upload image using URL address if the images are stored somewhere on the internet (not on our site). So it is not impossible. However, it is better to have an access to your media library. If you love writing and sharing on the internet, let us know. We can provide you an author position. Of course, it is totally free of charge.

To write your own post, you can view this video tutorial below. In this video tutorial, we assume that you have an author position already. So you can use our media library for image upload. Note that you can upload multiple images to our media library.

How to Manage Your Own Post

If you started to write your own posts in our website, you might want to edit or manage your posts in the future. To do so, simply click on “Manage Your Post” link here. In the “Manage Your Post” page, you can exclusively view your own posts only and you can edit your own posts even in the future. Please note that to access to “Manage Your Post” page, you need to get logged in.



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