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Please feel free to use our Forum service to discuss anything related to trading and investment. Use of our forum service is absolutely free and you are more than welcome to contribute any ongoing discussion in our forum. We wish you to learn about trading and investment. We also wish you to develop the powerful trading strategy for your own or community use. In general, discussion of the commercial products are not allowed in our forum. However we do not mind the occasional reference to any commercial products as long as they do not heavily spam the forum with the same contents.

What is even better is that we offer you the dedicated space for the commercial vendors to promote their services and products in the “Commercial Contents” topic. In the “Commercial Contents” topic, you are free to use the discussion board to talk about your brilliant products or  new technology your company is working on. As long as they are interesting topics for traders and investors, it is fine. However, we still do not encourage any fraud or scam artist in our forum. If you found any fraud or scam activities,  please contact us as soon as possible at

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