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About Trade Invest Smart Site

Trade Invest Smart is a supportive website for With this website, you have an access to many features for free.

  • Wring your own blog
  • Writing any question to forum
  • Post a freelance project to develop trading system and trading robots
  • Find a freelance work to earn money
  • Shop for powerful trading system and strategy


Your User Account with Trade Invest Smart

In spite of the fact that Trade Invest Smart site are highly supportive for site, we regret that your login and password from will not work on this site without registration. It is simply that multiple of features we have extended on Trade Invest Smart is not so much compatible with site. Therefore, you have to have a separate user accounts for Trade Invest Smart. The best practice is that to make your user ID and password the same for both website. However, it is entirely up to you. You can have two different user ID and password if you wish.


Write Your Own Blog

As a trader, you can share anything with other traders. Even if you are guest, you can leave a blog. We hope this allow you to share something useful. Please do not spam our site. For guest and general members, you might be limited in uploading image or multimedia files. Please ask us for upgrade your status to author if you want to become a dedicated blog author in our site. With “Author” status, you can write the blog with full access to media upload such as image and videos.


Write any Question to Forum

Take full advantage of our free forum. You have a full access to our forum as a registered member.


Post a freelance Project

As a individual traders and investors, you might need to find good coders to develop any tools, utilities and trading strategy. Feel free to post any freelance projects here. It is totally free of charge. Competitive rate is guaranteed in our freelance service.


Find a freelance work

As a coder or trading instructor, you can find any work from our site. Competitive rate is guaranteed in our freelance service.


Shop for Powerful trading system and strategy is our brother site. You will be able to find the list of powerful tools and trading system for your trading and investment. Do not miss to find the unique and powerful trading tools where you can not find anywhere else.

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