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Trading Investment Helper Health CheckUp – 23 June 2018

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Trading Investment Helper Health CheckUp – 23 June 2018

We meet some customers occasionally meeting false positive alarm with our Trading Investment Helper with their Anti Virus software. The false positive rate is ever increasing in the software industry because automatic scanning software is not accurate enough to separate genuine bad software from other good software. Well what can we do? It is still up to the Anti Virus software company and their technology. Anyway we are posting our Check up results using 62 different anti virus software from virus total.

Our Trading Investment Helper passed successfully over 51 different anti virus software among the 62 but there are still 11 false positives.

If you are in doubt about our Trading Investment Helper, feel free to conduct your own testing from virus total website:

Trust us. We have our genuine intention to help your trading and investment for superb performance.

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