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EURUSD Market Outlook-17 May 2018

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EURUSD Market Outlook-17 May 2018

Market is rather slow at the moment. Here are some medium to long term view. GBPUSD is defintley slowing down from its sharp fall at the moment.  For GBPUSD, we are in the phase of waiting and watching. We need to see the action of GBPUSD little further to know its direction. It is building up the support at 38.2% Harmonic Volatlity Zone.

For EURUSD, it did not slow down as much as GBPUSD. EURUSD made first test around 23.6% Harmonic Volalitlity Zone and it made a little bullish reaction but not too strong.

For your informaiton, when you want to apply different color schemem for indiviual harmonic Volaltility Zone, just set Use Individual Line Color = true (See the screenshot).



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