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Why Remote Trade Copier from

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Why Remote Trade Copier from

Well, we have been already explained about this a lot to many customers. There are two types of remote trade copier.

Category 1: Remote Trade Copier using seller’s server as an intermediating communication. This remote trade copier sender basically does upload some data into website and the receiver download some data to your client computer. But once seller’s server is stop. Everything will stop. 95% of time, you will meet this remote trade copier on the net. This is really cheap technology but unfortunately, this remote trade copier is not sold at cheap price on the net.

Category 2: Remote trade copier does not depend on seller’s server. This type of remote trade copier is more advanced version because sender is sending the signal directly to receiver without any intermediating communication. Whether seller’s serve is stop or not, you can run this remote trade copier for ever as long as you have your vps running. This advanced one is also faster than the first one since this one use similar sort of technology used in FIX protocol or other broker client API interface.

Our remote trade copier is the 2nd advanced Remote Trade Copier (category 2) working independently from seller. We have already warned many times to many customers about this. Now the seller use to sell the remote trade copier is gone out of the business, what now? Well, your remote trade copier stop works as simple as that.

I feel pain  because my prediction was right when I mentioned this to several customers in the past. But if you bought their products, then  you would probably feel even more pain because you can not use their remote trade copier any more. Feel sorry for that. However, as a average trader, you can not expect to know every single details about the remote copying technology. But you could at least listen to some good advice around.

If you need a advanced remote trade copier (category 2), please have a look ours. With this you can run your remote trade copier independently from seller. The signal will go from your vps to directly to your client or your other computer. The technology used inside this advanced remote trade copier is totally different to the products at category 1.

Here is the link to our advanced remote trade copier:


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