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Meet our Exclusive Deals from 12 January 2018 and Save 48 Dollars on two EBooks

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Meet our Exclusive Deals from 12 January 2018 and Save 48 Dollars on two EBooks

We receive the numerous questions from our customers on how to success in forex trading. Well, there is no short cut really but you will need to make good efforts on your practical training and education for forex trading. We are not talking about playing with some free indicators on the internet but means more serious training like Investment bank or fund management company offers. To help you further in this line, we have designed the exclusive deal. When you buy any one of special offer package, we will offer you our two EBooks for free of charge. You will save 48 dollars on buying two eBooks from We do this so you can use these two eBooks as the direct manual or instruction for your trading.

What you get from this Exclusive deal

So here is simple summary. If you buy any one of our special offer including special 1, special offer 2, special offer 3, special offer 4 or special offer 5, we will offer you two eBooks for free. You just need to buy only one special offer package to receive two eBooks for free. The eBooks include below link. These eBooks are the same eBooks you can get from But you will get these eBooks for our Portable EBook Reader.…/risk-management-harmon…/…/financial-trading-five…/

How to get our Exclusive Deals

Just take the normal purchasing process on our special offer package from our website. Then our staff will contact you by email to deliver two eBooks for free within 2 working days. That is it. If you want to get the eBooks faster, then just contact us by yourself, we will ship you the two eBooks for free to you.

Exclusive Deal Duration

This exclusive deal will last from 12 January 2018 until it ends.

Check more information about this exclusive deals from our latest offer page:



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